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Welcome to Doggon' Wheels,
where we treat pets like family!
My name is Sonya Glennie. I live in Wanganui, New Zealand on a 20 acre farmlet with my three sons (Chris, Bradley and Nic), several horses and ponies, four cats and two dogs (Shiner and Gem). We also have Bonnie, a disabled sheep dog, staying with us.

I am a qualified EMRT and Ccmrt therapist (equine muscle release therapy, and cat and canine muscle release therapy). This is Bowen Therapy on animals.

Doggon Wheels New Zealand It was Bonnie who led me to find out about Doggon Wheels. Bonnie`s owner rang to ask if I could help her as he had been advised by vets to put her down as she had suffered a broken back in an accident on the farm.She is a very good sheep dog. She was in a lot of pain and not able to move. After a week Bonnie was able to move her front legs but we kept her confined to allow her spine to heal. Her hind quarters became very wasted as she could only drag her her back legs.After 2 months Bonnie started to try standing and would take the odd step but she didn`t have much control of her legs. It was heart breaking to see her frustration at not being to go with the other dogs.

Doggon Wheels New Zealand I made enquires into animal wheelchairs here in New Zealand but no one could help me and after searching the internet I was very happy to find Doggon Wheels. Their animal wheel chairs were ideal especially with the support sling as it allows the animal to move the back legs. Bonnie has built up considerable muscle in the short time she has had her wheels but the best thing has been her joy at being out on the farm, running with her friends, working sheep, and just being out and about with us. She loves her wheels.

I am thrilled to be part of the Doggon Wheels team and look forward to helping dogs and other animals here in NZ to have a great quality of life.

Please contact me.

Sonya Glennie
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